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I utilize a variety of techniques and theory in my work including interpersonal process theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, feminist theory, and relational-cultural theory. I work from an anti-racist framework and encourage my clients to bring all of themselves and their identities in the room. I seek healing, meaning, and connection through culturally-affirming practices.

What this looks like in therapy is that I really listen to what is going on for you and work to understand the world from your perspective. Then together we identify things that may not be working for you: ways of thinking, ways of relating to yourself and others, and ways you manage emotions. 

My work is collaborative and warm. We may explore very difficult subjects, but we may also laugh and celebrate together. I think therapy is an amazing tool that can help people work through difficult life events, undo patterns from the past that are not working, and help live lives full of meaning and connection. 

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